2017 Recruitment

2017 Recruitment

  • 2017 DCT Applicant Guide - please click here 
  • Full List of preferences - DCT1 - please click here
  • Full List of preferences - DCT2 - please click here
  • Full List of preferences - DCT3 - please click here
  • Post Descriptions - please click  Post Descriptions
  • Recruitment timeline - please click here 
  • DCT1, Person Specifications - please click here
  • DCT2, Person Specification - please click here
  • DCT3, Person Specification -please click here
  • Self -Assessment of Portfolio form - please click here (Updated 16th January 2017)
  • Guidance on how to set out your Portfolio - please click here
  • Recruitment to Medical and Dental Specialty Training - Complaints Policy and Procedures 2017 - please click here
  • DCT SJT Information for Applicants - please click here 
  • DCT Document Checklist Guidance - please click here

Applications must be made via the national recruitment portal www.oriel.nhs.uk

For any queries that are not addressed in the above information documents please email your query to DCTNRO@wm.hee.nhs.uk

Please note there is not a contact telephone number – all queries MUST be directed to this email address


DCT Training

  • Please click here to access the UK Dental Core Training Curriculum December 2016