Infection Control Dental Team Training by Schülke 


Course details:

·         5 hours CPD

·         Covers ALL essential topics

·         Personalised certificate (hard copy available on request)

·         Multiple choice assessments to reinforce your learning

·         Combination of summaries, case studies, images and videos

·         Add your colleagues and monitor your team’s progress


Learning outcomes:

On completion of this course you will

1. Have a better understanding of current regulations, laws and ethics surrounding your dental team.

2. Be aware of how infections can be transmitted and the importance of infection control.

3. Have mastered the principles of decontamination.

4. Be able to describe how the design of a surgery impacts on infection control.

5. Be aware of how infection control may vary in other environments.

6. Understand roles and responsibilities within a Dental Practice


How to access the course:

1.       Visit the course page

2.       To set up an account click on ‘Register’

Already have an account? Then click on ‘Login’ and if you have forgotten your password then click here 

3.       To complete your registration just complete the brief details page and click ‘Register now’

Tick the two boxes at the bottom to accept the Terms and Conditions and if you would like to receive schülke marketing communications by email (this will include information on product launches, events, offers and updates)

4.       You will then be returned to the course page and you will need to enter the following access code: COPcic5pass

5.       After the access code is accepted click on ‘Go to course’. The course will then be in your dashboard and available for the next 18 months


How to add your colleagues:

Once you have access to the course you can easily add your colleagues to save time and effort.

1.       Login to your account

2.       On your dashboard the course will have a ‘Add users to training’ button. Click on this button.

3.       Enter the name and email address of your colleague (please note that one email address cannot be used for multiple users).

4.       Enter your colleagues’ registration number, i.e. GDC number, and it will appear on their completion certificate. Click add user to course.


How to access your certificate and leave course feedback:

1.       Once you have completed the course, the ‘My Certificates’ page link will appear in the top right of your dashboard.

2.       Click on this link to access the pdf of your certificate. You can also use this page to request a hard copy of your certificate.

3.       The feedback section is at the bottom of the ‘My Certificates’ page.


Technical support

If you forget your password then please go to:

The quickest way to solve any issues that you experience is to check the Frequently Asked Questions page:

If you are unable to find a solution then please email and a schülke member of staff will reply to your email within 48 hours.