2019 Recruitment

Dental Core Training (Round 1) Recruitment 2019

Below is the confirmed timeline for recruitment to Dental Core Training for September 2019 commencement

Advert appears Tuesday 15 January 2019
Applications open Tuesday 22 January 2019
Advert and Applications close Tuesday 12 February 2019
SJT Invitations Sent Monday 11th March 2019 (6 pm)
SJT Assessment Window Wednesday 20th – Wednesday 27th March 2019
Selection Centre Invitations Sent Tuesday 2nd April 2019 (6 pm)
Selection Centre Booking Deadline Friday 5th April 2019 (6 pm)
Selection Centre window Monday 29 April  – Friday 3 May 2019
Initial offers released Monday 20th May 2019
Hold deadline Thursday 13 June 2019
Upgrade deadline Thursday 20 June 2019
Final iteration of Offers Friday 21st June 2019
Paperwork deadline No later than Friday 28 June 2019

SJT Assessment/Selection Centre Attendance: It is the responsibility of individual applicants to ensure that leave is booked appropriately and sufficient notice is provided to Training Units.

Applications must be made via the national recruitment portal www.oriel.nhs.uk 

All queries must be directed to Applicant Support via the following email address DCTNRO@hee.nhs.uk – please note there is not a contact telephone number

Links to the DCT National Recruitment Documents will be given here once published

The Dental Silver Guide is a guide to Dental Core Training – to save a copy of the guide please click here



  • Please click here to access the UK Dental Core Training Curriculum December 2016