Dental Core Year 2 Trainees Applying for Specialty Training (2021/22)

 (This applies only to DCTs who have been appointed through the National Recruitment process or by a Deanery [Wales only]).

 Some of you may be considering applying for entry into Dental Specialty Training in 2022. Applications open on Tuesday 18th January 2022.  To prepare for your application, it is strongly recommended that you start by studying the Person Specification (available on the COPDEND website) relevant to your chosen specialty.

You should take note of the “specialty specific essential criteria”, which for all dental specialties now include this minimum requirement:

“Demonstrate the competencies required at the end of UK Dental Core Training year 1 (ie; outcome 1) at the time of interview and year 2 at the time of post commencement (or equivalent)”

This means if you have already satisfactorily completed a DCT2 programme by being awarded a FRCP outcome 1, you have achieved this essential entry criterion.  Candidates for dental specialty training who have completed DCT2 and undertaking a DCT3 programme will already have satisfied the requirement to demonstrate they have acquired DCT2 competencies.

If you planning to apply for dental specialty training whilst still undertaking DCT2, you must continue that training to satisfactory completion.  Failure to complete DCT2 with the award of a FRCP outcome 1 will result in the withdrawal of your specialty application.