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Dental Foundation Training


This is the ‘First Edition’ of the national Dental Foundation Training Handbook. It is a resource for Foundation Dentists, Educational Supervisors, Training Programme Directors and more. In this first edition, the FD specific section is ready for use and the general Resources section is there to be used. The ES and TPD sections are still in preparation, but will follow very soon. However, the FD section can be used by all as it contains much valuable information

As with any new project there will be some areas of the handbook which will require further development or refinement. New information will need to be added as its need becomes apparent and some material will need to be pruned as it becomes outdated. This handbook will therefore remain a changing resource, and will hopefully reflect the needs of its users.

As it is a national handbook, some of the information it contains will not apply to all regions. If there are differences in your area, you will need to speak with your TPD or Administrator for clarification about local arrangements. In additions,, there are specific legislative differences between England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and on some pages the differences of content are such that alternative sections are available for each larea. Small national flag emblems will take you to the right area.

You can help with this process.  If you come across any errors or problems, please let the handbook manager know and hopefully amendments can quickly be made. Similarly, if you have any suggestions for inclusion, please share them with the handbook manager.

Dental Foundation Training

For most newly qualified dentists, Dental Foundation Training (DFT) in general dental practice is the next step. Dental Foundation Training means a relevant period of employment during which a dentist is employed under a contract of service by an approved Educational Supervisor (ES) to provide a wide range of dental care and treatment and to attend such study days as that contract provides, with the aims and objectives of enhancing clinical and administrative competence and promoting high standards through relevant postgraduate training. Dental Foundation Training is carried out in specially appointed Training Practices.  Experienced general dental practitioners who have an ability to teach and help new dentists are appointed as ESs.  They employ new dentists as in their Training Practice, and provide the Foundation Dentists (FDs) with a fully equipped surgery, a dental nurse, and patients.  The new dentist works in the practice for a maximum of 35 hours per week.  The Trainer must be available to provide help and advice, be it chairside or otherwise, and also has to provide a weekly tutorial lasting one hour, during normal working hours.

The Training Practices are attached to a Dental Foundation Training Scheme, and in charge of each Scheme is a Training Pro gramme Director (TPD).  Dental Foundation Training lasts for one year, and during this period the FD attends 30 days of Day Release Course (DRC) at the Scheme centre.

Each FD has an on-line e-portfolio, which is used as an educational aid throughout the year.  On a regular basis the FD records achievements and concerns,  and describes and analyses events that have occurred recently.  The ES works with the FD and the Portfolio to produce action plans and regular assessments of development.