Skilled Worker sponsorship arrangements for foundation dentists

Dental graduates wishing to apply for a Skilled Worker visa in order to undertake a period of dental foundation training will require sponsorship from Health Education England, who is licensed by the UKVI to act as Skilled Worker sponsor on behalf of all the UK Postgraduate Dental Deans and Directors.

How to apply for sponsorship

In order to apply for sponsorship foundation dentists will be contacted by the National Overseas Sponsorship Team who will advise on the process of obtaining a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS).

The COS number is not an entitlement to work in the UK. The COS number is required by the UKVI as part of the foundation dentist’s application for a Skilled Worker visa. The application form for a Skilled Worker visa can be found on the UKVI website (please ensure you use the most up to date version, otherwise you risk your application being refused).

Behaviour that could result in removal of the Skilled Worker visa

The Skilled Worker sponsor is required to report any individual contravening the requirements of Skilled Worker status to the UKVI who may then carry out further investigations that could result in the removal of a foundation dentist’s Skilled Worker visa.

An agreement exists between Health Education England and all the local LETB/PGDDs that covers the management of Foundation Dentists working under a Skilled Worker visa and procedures are in place for deaneries to monitor activity and report any activity that contravenes the requirements of the Skilled Worker status.

Behaviour that could result in the removal of a foundation dentist’s Skilled Worker visa includes:-

  • Unauthorised absence from the training programme
  • Moving to part-time or flexible training
  • Leaving the training programme
  • Accepting employment outside the training programme
  • Failure to notify the LETB/PGDD of significant changes to personal circumstances

Any queries regarding the sponsorship application process should be directed to

Any queries regarding immigration regulations should be directed to