These forms are for use by DCT, pre- and post-CCST trainees currently enrolled on NHS commissioned Dental Specialty Training programmes.  They should be used in conjunction with the relevant sections and instructions published in the Dental Gold Guide 2023 version.

The Dental Gold Guide sets out the arrangements agreed by the four UK health departments for core and specialty dental training programmes. Final version of the Guide has been published in September 2023.

***Please note, that the above application forms are writable. They need to be downloaded first before being completed in the pdf. format.***

To fill in the forms and sign electronically, please open them in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

  • Open Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, then click ‘File’ and ‘Open’. Select the PDF form that you wish to fill in, then click ‘Open’ again, make changes, and ‘Save As’. Rename the PDF file and save changes as a copy.
  • Hover over the fields to see instructions.
  • e-Signature/Digital ID  –  Click on ‘Signature’ field, and then on ‘Configure new Digital ID’ button. Select ‘Create a new Digital ID’ and continue. Select ‘Save to File’; then, enter your name, email address, and select ‘GB-United Kingdom’ from the drop-down menu. Continue. Click on ‘Apply’ and confirm your password. Click on ‘Save’ button, select your signature, and continue. Enter your password again, and click on ‘Sign’, then ‘Save’ to file. Your e-Signature should appear in the signature field.