Completion of VT and VT Numbers

On satisfactorily completion of Year 1 of Dental Foundation Training (formally known as Vocational Training) dentists will be issued with a VT Certificate and a VT Number from the deanery. When applying for job positions within Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) or Local Health Boards (LHBs) a request will be made for the VT Number on the certificates.

Should an individual misplace their VT completion certificate a replacement cannot be reproduced. However, should an individual require their VT Number in order to apply for job positions within PCTs/LHBs, the COPDEND Secretariat may be able to assist in obtaining this number. The COPDEND Secretariat holds a database containing the majority of VT Numbers issued up until August 2006. Should you require details of your VT number please email your name and date of birth details via the ‘Contact Us’ section of the COPDEND website. If you completed VT after 2006 you will need to approach the deanery in which you completed your training in order to obtain the relevant details. In certain circumstances the database omits certain VT Number information and in this instance you would be encouraged to contact the deanery in which you completed your Dental training.

VT Numbers issued in England, Scotland and Wales are acceptable throughout the UK as proof of completion of Dental Foundation/Vocational Training.