Indicative DST post numbers 2023

Recruitment to the majority of Dental Specialty Training posts is undertaken through a national recruitment process once a year. The application window is 12th January 2023 to 2nd February 2023. Some posts in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are recruited locally.

To allow potential applicants for Dental Specialty Training posts to be aware where potential training posts will be, the indicative number of training posts in national recruitment for each deanery/HEE office are detailed below. This will allow applicants to decide whether to apply for posts, as they will know where and how many posts there are in their preferred specialty.

Please note these are indicative numbers only at this stage and posts will only be confirmed when post preferencing is undertaken. When 0 posts are indicated this simply means that there are no vacancies at the current time, although it should be noted that posts may become available through National Recruitment at any stage up to the time of post commencement.

Dental Public Health                   


Oral Surgery                              

Orthodontics ST1                       

Orthodontics  ST4                         



Restorative Dentistry                  

Special Care Dentistry  


Oral Med                                     


Paediatric Dentistry ST1

Paediatric Dentistry ST4