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FD Handbook

The Scheme

The Foundation Training Scheme is the centre of your Foundation Training outside your Training Practice. There are several different ways in which Schemes area organised and managed. In general many Schemes meet weekly and have about 12 members, but in some areas the Schemes are larger. Some Schemes are run as ‘longitudinal’ Schemes and run over two years, and include Secondary Care dentistry as part of the programme.
Each Scheme will have a Training Programme Director (or equivalent), and you will have a local centre at which you will meet. The other members of your Scheme are your peers with whom you will find it easy to discuss your experiences, your successes and your concerns.

Study Days (Day Release Course)

The Study Day programme is arranged separately for each scheme and comprises a minimum of 30 days. The study days are normally held on a Friday but many Schemes meet on other days of the week. Attendance at the Study Days is compulsory. Some days are held jointly with other schemes, some days include both Educational Supervisors and Foundation Dentists and some days are held at external venues. The content is mapped to the dental foundation training curriculum and aims to cover the curriculum areas that cannot be easily covered in the training practice environment.
The times and venues of the sessions will be outlined in your Scheme course programme.
In the event of unavoidable absence (sickness/accident), contact the Scheme Administrator (or equivalent) immediately, either by text, e-mail or mobile phone. This is the only acceptable reason for non-attendance. Holidays, social events and such like must be organised outside the study day. Please discuss any non-attendance with your TPD and formalise and record in your e-portfolio how the missing Study Day is to be made up.
Preparation for each Study Day is vital for you to be able to participate fully, you should consult the Scheme Programme for this. The programme for the following week should be discussed in your “in practice” tutorial. It is also helpful to reflect on the subjects dealt with in the preceding week.
The start time for each day is indicated in the programme. It is worth remembering that this is the time at which the first session will begin and that you will be expected to be present before the start time. Late arrival at a session may well mean that you are recorded as being “not present” for the session.
Dental Foundation Training is training for membership of a profession. Accordingly, professional standards of dress are expected at Study Days: scruffy jeans, t- shirts and trainers are not appropriate.
A record of attendance will be kept. Non-attendance could prevent certification of completion of the course.

Study Day Evaluation

Study Day sessions must be evaluated by all attendees. This helps everyone to review, update and improve the programme.