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FD Handbook

The Training Practice

Your Educational Supervisor (ES) and your Training Practice have been specifically chosen as a suitable environment for Dental Foundation Training. You should have close support from your ES, the support of a trained dental care professional, adequate equipment to work with, appropriate materials and a wide range of patients to gain your clinical experience.
You will have a comprehensive Induction to the practice and to clinical work. Your ES will also work with you to assess your experience and to help identify your learning needs.
Throughout the year you will receive tutorials and support from your ES.  There will also be assessments made of your progress and your learning needs. Some of this will be carried out by other members of the practice team.
You will have an Electronic Professional Development Portfolio (E-Portfolio) to use throughout your Training year and there is more information about its use in this Handbook.
If any problems develop first speak with your Educational Supervisor and if your concerns are not addressed discuss they can be escalated to your Training Programme Director (TPD). Remember your TPD has been appointed as an experienced professional able to deal with a wide variety of issues Foundation Dentists present with during the training year.