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Performer List

Performer List Application in England


To work in practice in the NHS in England it is essential that you are on the National Performers List (NPL). As a Foundation Dentist (FD) you have a three month period of grace for all the process to take place, but nevertheless it is really important that you start this process as soon as possible. Please make this a priority as soon as you receive your graduation certificate.

NHS Performer Application Process
Application to join the NHS Dental Performers List is now an online process. Information is given here:

and a quick guide can be downloaded from:

You will need to visit the Primary Care Support England (PCSE) website and click on ‘login’ to register:

You must confirm beforehand with their 2 professional referees that they are content to complete the references when requested to do so. All FDs will be required to attend an applicant meeting with PCSE for which they will need the following documents:

  • Enhanced DBS certificate with online checking details (see below)
  • Occupational health clearance certificate
  • Professional defence organisation certificate
  • Certificate of graduation
  • Work permit (if required)

Often there are many delays in this process, so please ensure you complete this and the DBS check as soon as possible. Your name must appear on the National Performers List within three months of commencing as a Foundation Dentist, i.e. by November 30th for a September 1st start  Any delay to this could result in you not being able to carry out clinical work. It is important that all the steps are followed carefully and that the documents requested by NHS England  are obtained without delay.

Performer Number
Even before your name is placed on the National Performers List, you will be issued with a Performer Number. You will need this so that you are able to set up access to and log in to NHS BSA Compass and so that FP17 claims can be submitted.  NHS England plan to send your Performer Number to you using the email address notified to National Recruitment.  Please look out for this email and to be aware of its importance.
Here is a link to the BSA information for FDs:

Disclosure and Barring Service Check
You must apply for a Disclosure and Barring Service Enhanced Disclosure Certificate (Enhanced DBS Certificate) as soon as possible. You will need to use the services of an Umbrella Body. Your Educational Supervisor may be able to give guidance here but there is a list of such organisations available here:

The umbrella body is the organisation that is processing the checks and sighting the documentation before it goes off to DBS for completion. The Enhanced DBS check has its own list of required documents which can be found here:

You should also register for the online update service within 30 days of your DBS Disclosure Certificate being issued; this is an annual subscription which is at the cost to the applicant. NHS England has placed this requirement on all applications to the performers list.

Occupational Health Clearance Certificate
An occupational health clearance certificate is required from an occupational health provider, with accreditation for Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service (SEQOHS), one which is working towards this accreditation, or an NHS provider.  The certificate provided by the UK University Occupational Health Department should state whether it complies with this requirement

If this is not the case, you should apply for the occupational health certificate in accordance with the above immediately, as this may take some time. The occupational health clearance should also state whether you have clearance to undertake exposure prone procedures (EPP). Dentists need to have clearance to undertake exposure prone procedures.  This is not the same as verifying vaccinations nor submitting an immunisation history report. For a full list of Occupational Health providers for health clearance to join the National Performers List, please see: