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FD Handbook

Working hours

Your working hours and patterns must be agreed in writing prior to the commencement of the Foundation year, and this will be written in your contract.
Foundation Dentists will normally work 35 hours per week exclusive of lunch breaks, including any study day courses, at the agreed times.
These hours of work are to be changed only with agreement from the Postgraduate Dean/Director.
Hours worked must be between 8 am and 8 pm Monday to Saturday, within a maximum of 5 days in any week inclusive of study days, and with a maximum of 8 hours worked in a single day.
The FD must not be timetabled to work more than five hours without a break of one hour.
If an FD works at the weekend there must be a day off during the week (i.e. the FD should not normally work on more than five days in any week).
Educational Supervisors will allow and require the Foundation Dentist to attend a minimum of 30 study days in the year arranged by the Foundation Training Programme Director and allow the Foundation Dentist to work in practice on those days when study days are not organised or cancelled.
When there are no Study Days in a week, you will work clinically in the practice so that a total of 35 hours per week is spent in the practice. You will have at least one tutorial a week of one hour’s length, and this included within your normal working hours.